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A Unique Approach

Our Mission

Health-YOU-tarain is a health and wellness support system.  Our aim is to educate busy families on healthy eating alternatives.  Improve quality of life and facilitate the process of change by focusing on what is most important to the family unit. We live in a fast paced world but, that does not mean that families should sacrifice their health. Here at Health-YOU-tarain we work with and guide you to new healthy wholeness.


Nutritional Seminars

Here is where you will experience an interactive array of topics geared towards a large group setting.  Topics such as healthy cooking, intentional mindset, and physical activity just to name a few.

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Nutrition Presentations

Looking for a small group presenter?  Well, here at Health-YOU-tarain, we provide nutrition education, healthy cooking demonstrations along with primary food discussions Q & A's.

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Grocery Store Tours

Changing your eating habits can feel like a lonely road from time to time.  Here at Health-YOU-tarain we will help guide you while grocery shopping and showcasing healthier options from the different food groups.

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My name is Michelle and I am the CEO of Health-YOU-tarain. I am a wife and mother of two beautifully talented girls. Cajun country is where I reside. That would be the southern part of Louisiana. I am a two time cancer survivor and devoted community advocate. My health and wellness certification was obtained from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Here at Health-YOU-tarain our mission is to educate and guide the less fortunate members of my community and beyond. Let my experience and knowledge help guide you.

Michelle Fontenot

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